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E.g., 08/27/2020
E.g., 08/27/2020

Matamua Night

  • Soirée Matamua danseurs en costume
  • Soirée Matamua danse du feu

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Tahiti

On the second and third Friday of each month at the restaurant Hiti Mahana, an exceptional show loaded with history and emotions draws you into a beautiful Tahiti of yesteryear.

Lose yourself in the exuberance of polynesian folklore which will take you to a time travel through past and present. Huriama troup dances Tahiti of yesteryear in an exceptional and highly colorful show.

Dancers and singers offer true living pictures reminding of the days gone by, through folk costumes and adornments worthy of the greatest chiefs of the past. 


Every friday:

5.30 pm 
Happy hour at the Bay Bar with Polynesian entertainment

6.30 pm
Dinner at Hiti Mahana, à la carte

7.30 pm
Polynesian Show with Huriama group


Reservation required

Information & reservation  call