E.g., 02/20/2020
E.g., 02/20/2020

Hiti Mahana Restaurant

  • Restaurant Hiti Mahana du Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort
  • Petit déjeuner au Hiti Mahana du Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

Discover local flavors while tasting exotic plates.

The Hiti Mahana restaurant meaning “rising sun” is located on the seaside with a breathtaking view upon the Matavai bay.

Satisfy your cravings at the Hiti Mahana Restaurant, one of Tahiti’s top restaurants. Local clients or internationals, come taste a gourmet and creative cuisine from Polynesian inspiration.

Notice that our cuisine team, made up of professionals, ensure to work with the maximum of fresh products and to limit the use of saturated fat in order to preserve your health. We offer you a wide choice of composition, all elaborated in our cuisine, in order to meet your expectations.

Our Chef offers you a new varied menu where Tahitian, Asiatic and French gastronomies are subtly combined together for the best.


Lunch Menu : Find the Hiti Mahana lunch menu here

Dinner Menu : Find the Hiti Mahana diner menu here